Research Grants

Due to the continued success of the CSI Research Foundation and the calibre of research and theory being produced by its recipients, the CSIRF expanded its offerings in 2014 to include Research Grants for specific areas of study deemed valuable to the financial industry. Grants of $40,000 over a two-year term are awarded to Canadian university faculty undertaking research that adheres to an area of study put forward by the CSIRF.

The general topics of study that are eligible for Research Grant funding were developed through a research study with industry experts and through a series of roundtable discussions with industry professionals concerning the most pressing areas of interest facing capital markets today. The roundtables were organized in cooperation with the Capital Markets Institute. Successful applicants will be undertaking research within the scope of either of the following eligible areas of interest:

In keeping with the CSIRF mandate of bridging the divide between theory and practice, the recipients of Foundation Research Grants will present their findings to industry leaders, upon completion.

The roundtable discussions and presentation of research were designed with the aim of improving communication between the academy and the capital market industry as it exists, in the belief that deepened conversation will improve understanding on both sides. The Research Grant exists to encourage increased academic engagement with practical topics of interest to industry professionals while supporting the invaluable contributions made by the faculty of Canadian institutions.

The next deadline to apply for CSIRF funding is:

June 13, 2024


Applicants for CSIRF Research Grants should submit a proposal including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of, and commitment to, Canadian capital markets
  • Brief description of professional experience
  • Current areas of interest and research (if different from proposed research topic)
  • Biographical information (education, contact information)
  • Other information or commitments you feel the selection committee should be made aware of
  • Commitment to present research results to an industry forum

Research specific aspects of the proposal should include:

  • Purpose of study/proposed outcomes
  • Specific objectives and aims of research
  • Milestones and expected timeline of project
  • Suggested scope and content of six-month mid-term report
  • Research methodology
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Who will benefit from the work


Applications will be assessed by a selection committee made up of three to five Foundation board-appointed members. In keeping with the Foundation’s mandate, this committee will include individuals with expertise from both academia and the capital markets business community.

Factors considered by the Selection Committee may include:

  • Relevance of the research to the topics proposed
  • Academic achievement and awards
  • Research track record
  • Demonstration of a good understanding of purpose and relevance of outcome to current economic or social issues
  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence
  • Demonstrated support by the university


Disbursement of Funds
The funds will be made available on a schedule based upon the Researcher’s timeline and milestones and agreed upon with the Foundation.

All payments will be made to the successful applicant’s university, or to the recipient directly.

It is the Foundation’s policy not to pay an administration fee or overhead expense to the respective university on the awards we grant.

Academic Obligations

The winner is required to pursue the course of research outlined in their proposal. If the academic decides not to complete the research, the Foundation may expect repayment of all or a portion of the funds that have been received.

A progress report is required every six months, and before the second installment. The report must outline the progress the research is having in relation to the proposed timeline.

Agreement, Declaration and Signatures

Awards will be made by way of an agreement between the university, the academic and the Foundation.

Suspension and Termination

The Foundation may suspend an award in such circumstances as: illness, parental leave, compassionate leave. In such an event where suspension is granted, an agreement will be reached between the professor, the Foundation and the university regarding recommencement of the award payment.

The Foundation may terminate an award in such circumstances as:

  • Academic does not comply with the conditions of the award

The Foundation accepts no liability for the manner in which work in connection with the research is undertaken. The academic is responsible for their work and its consequences.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Foundation will make no claim to ownership or control of any intellectual property arising from, or in association with the program of research undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the university, attended by the student, to negotiate any necessary agreement regarding intellectual property.

Reporting, Dissemination and Acknowledgement

A progress report must be submitted after six months, prior to the second payment.

The Foundation retains the right to publish the recipient’s names and nature of research in all activities and/or published material it may prepare.

The report will contain an update of the research in a format agreed upon as part of the applicant’s proposal.

Contact Us

You may contact the Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation at:

200 Wellington Street West, 15th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
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Email the Executive Director of the Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation, Heather-Anne Irwin: