The Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation (CSIRF) was established as a charitable organization in 1996 (as the Investor Learning Centre of Canada) with a grant of six million dollars from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). In 2003, the mandate was refocused to applied, relevant research topics in the areas of investing, capital markets, financial planning, accounting and economics.

With a twofold mandate of driving academic insight with relevant, real world application, the CSIRF is harnessing the engaged, creative minds of Canadian business researchers for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Having granted over $1,000,000 to researchers in universities across Canada since 2005, the CSIRF continues to contribute to thought leadership and innovation in the financial sector.



PhD Scholarships valued at $25,000


Academic Awards valued at $35,000


Research Grants valued at $40,000 over 2 years


Limited-Term Professorships valued at $50,000 per year


Total funding


Academic beneficiaries


Number of years we have granted awards

Number of Awards granted in any given year is subject to qualified applications received. Any unused award amounts will be carried forward to the following year.

Publishing Relevant, Practical Research

Industry Roundtable Discussions

Driving Industry Innovation

Exploring the Human Factor in Capital Markets


The grants from the CSIRF have contributed to valuable, forward-thinking work and research in the financial industry for over a decade. View a list of the recipients to date and their areas of study here.

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