The CSI Research Foundation provides funds and support to academic professionals studying Canadian capital markets, connecting innovation and theory with real-world applications.

By supporting and encouraging research grounded into the financial services industry as it exists today, the CSI Research Foundation is helping to bridge the divide between cutting-edge conceptual theory and practical business.

The Foundation proudly funds the vanguard of financial academia in Canada, bringing relevant market education and insight to the public and driving the Canadian financial industry into tomorrow.

…seeking funding for relevant research

…contributing to research of interest to industry

…with a specific, applicable project

…driving thought-leadership in my field


The CSIRF has garnered invaluable feedback from industry leaders regarding the most valuable and relevant areas of research, in our present financial climate. In addition to the awards and scholarships listed above, we proudly offer Research Grants to academics working in the areas of interest identified by our industry leader roundtable discussions.

The next deadline to apply for CSIRF funding is:

June 13, 2024

in the news…

february 5, 2019

The Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation is pleased to award Alfred Lehar, finance professor at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, with the Limited-Term Professorship. Awarded for the first time in Western Canada, Lehar will use the professorship to explore how crypto currencies and blockchain technology will change capital markets around the world and Canada. Read more.