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PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships are available to full-time students enrolled in an approved graduate program leading to a doctoral degree at a Canadian university for the duration of the scholarship. The student's dissertation proposal must have been approved. The student must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, or possess a valid student visa. The student may, with the university's approval, change to another discipline or to another approved program during the tenure of the award; however, the scope of the research may not be amended. The student may, at the time of application, apply for one scholarship over two consecutive terms. If the student withdraws, transfers to part-time status, or fails to complete a term, he or she may be required to repay all or a portion of the award.

Academic Awards

Academic awards are available to University Faculty at a Canadian university. Awards are granted based on a detailed work plan that outlines objectives, measures and outcomes. These awards are intended for untenured faculty.

Research Grants

Research grants are available to university faculty at a Canadian university based on the workplan submitted and its adherence to one of the research topics identified by the Canadian Securities Institute Research Foundation. There are two different general topics:

  1. Client-Advisor Relationships
  2. Interest Rate Risk: Drivers and Impacts

Limited Term Professorship

This is awarded to one professor at a Canadian university for a three to five year commitment. Following that, the Limited Term Professorship will be open for new submissions. The appointed professor will act as a liaison to industry representatives and undertake research in the capital markets.

Professorship applicants will be screened for qualities the Foundation believes are essential ingredients of future professional accomplishment and/or reasonable reliable indicators of future professional success. These may include:

  • Exceptional intelligence and creativity with particular emphasis on those aspects related to Canadian capital markets.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of, and commitment to, Canadian capital markets.
  • Extraordinary accomplishments in professional studies.
  • Appropriate moral and ethical values.





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